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12 x 1 1/4" Self Driller with Washer

These self-drilling fasteners are used to secure steel panels to steel girts.

12 x 3 1/4" Self Driller with Washer

No predrilling required.

5 1/4" Self Driller with Washer

Our fasteners come in a variety of lengths and all are produced with a hex shaped head.

1 1/2" Wood Grip

Our preferred siding and roofing screw used to attach steel panels to a wood structure.

3" Wood Grip

All screws are galvanized for long life. The neoprene sealing washer provides a watertight seal.

14 x 7/8" Lap Tek with Washer

Use our self-drilling fasteners for stitching laps and attaching trim.

Insulation Screws

Screws used to fasten foam insulation to steel panels. 

Pop Rivets

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