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   Most board insulations share one very common factor. They just don’t fit tight enough to stop air infiltration.  It just doesn’t matter what the thickness of these board stocks are. 
   Unlike these boards, InsulGreen has designed each board specifically with a unique ship-lap.  Every board of InsulGreen’s hard foam insulation will overlap the next sheet. Therefore, creating a tighter seal. InsulGreen Insulation supplies 2" or 4" thick hard foam insulation.

   With a foil facing on both sides and a unique shiplap, it is attractive on the wall and/or ceiling, while kicking up the ‘Performance’ due to the reflectivity.

   InsulGreen in your building slows down heat transfer, keeping your building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  The unique shiplap creates a tighter seal by overlapping one sheet to the next, you are sure to obtain the desired building envelope. InsulGreen reduces inside and outside noises by absorbing the sounds within the building.

   InsulGreen is excellent for insulating, but not limited to, roofs, walls, floors, and basements. Lightweight, but heavy-duty high performance insulation.


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