'PBR' Panel or 'R' Panel, 26 Gauge panels are an excellent choice for any commercial, industrial, or agricultural application. You can be sure it is easier to install and has increased strength due to the added purlin bearing rib. This panel is great on any structure, wood or steel.

   Each 26 Gauge 'PBR' panel covers 36". Each main rib is 12" on center, 1 1/4" tall, 1" wide at top and 3 3/32" wide at the base of the rib.  Therefore adding more strength and durability. 

   'AG' Panel or 'Low Rib' Panel, 29 Gauge panels are an excellent choice for any residential project. Just like the PBR Panel, the AG Panel covers 36" and is strong and durable. Each main rib is 9" on center and 3/4" tall. This panel works great for any wood frame.

   The 26 & 29 Gauge panels have a tensile strength of 80,000 PSI, made to ASTM A792 Grade 80 specification for Galvalume. UL580, Class 90, properly installed, a UL2218 Class  4 impact resistance and a UL790 fire resistance.

   Both panel profiles are available in a variety of colors.

Most colors are Energy Star approved and may be eligible for a tax credit.

  • Note: We are not limited to the trim shown. These are just a few of our standard trim options. We also have the capabilities of manufacturing trim to your design.

26 Gauge Standard Commercial PBR Panel Trim
29 Gauge Standard Commercial AG Panel Trim
16 Gauge, 14 Gauge, and 12 Gauge 
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All Colors Available in 26 Gauge PBR and 29 Gauge Low Rib Ag Panels and Trim
*Black is an additional charge